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Ваши устройства Apple: Cobalt Based Investment Castings,
Cobalt investment castings, also known as monel alloys or superalloys, provide high end corrosion and abrasion resistance at the most extreme temperatures. When it comes to investment casting, Cobalt and nickel share many mechanical properties with stainless steel castings, but are designed for even greater strength and oxidation resistance.
Precison Castings of Haosen specialize in highly repeatable short production runs of superalloy cobalt investment castings and nickel investment castings in the 0 to 20 lbs range, and can produce 100+ lbs castings when required.  Additionally, Haosen cobalt investment castings provide:
1.Reduction or elimination of high machining costs associated with nickel and cobalt
2.Intricate, near-net shape parts achievable without machining
3.Easily convert multiple parts into single assemblies
4.Thin walls for weight reduction opportunities
5.Surface texture of 125 RMS or better
6.Tolerances within +/- .005 inches per linear inch
7.Highly complex dimensional geometry
Nickel is commonly used in high temperature liquid and gas flow control. Cobalt is one of the few alloys capable of resisting the high temperatures these pipes produce.
Product showing wholesale High Alloy Steel Casting

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